Monday, November 5, 2007


My weekend started off pretty beautifully when Cody called me Friday afternoon to tell the Central Arkansas Library was having its basement sale. I posted a blog about how the news made me go from feeling close to death to fabulous and got a call from my mom roughly 30 seconds later. She was making sure I had a fast-acting inhaler on my person. Always, Mom. So Cody and I had a nice night of planning and watching TV and eating. On Saturday, we went to the book sale. There were a lot of weird people there. And some mean ones. Think about shopping the day after Christmas. Or the day before. There were (very) grown women deliberately blocking whole parts of bookshelves with their big bottoms in a territorial manner while they pretended to browse. Since this was not my first basement sale, Cody and I had thought to bring bags. My short and insufficient arms keep me from being able to carry a very big stack of books. However, the very heavy bag full of books outweighed the very big stack of books I had on my other side (think of someone holding a diaper bag and a baby.), but I kept from falling down. I did however, cut some circulation to my left arm, but it's fine now. We got out of there for $28 even. I didn't find everything I was looking for, but I still got a ton of stuff.
A few things:
"The Unicorn Treasury" I don't know who I'm giving this to for Christmas, yet.
Coffee table books for Laine and Robert. PS: if you're wondering what you should get them for Christmas, I hear they're in need of a coffee table.
"The Decameron." For a dollar, baby!
"The Golden Notebook" Pretentious feminist points for me!
Some Erma Bombeck, some Lewis Grizzard--both of which I loved as a child.
Some smart-looking old books for Levi.
A book of food preservation for Cody. He tried to get an old copy of the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, but as he stepped towards it, a middle-aged woman jumped out of nowhere and snatched it. True story.
2 paperbacks that Cody told me he already owned. After we'd checked out.

We eventually staggered above ground with 3 sacks of very heavy books. And then Cody rented 1900 House, a British PBS series about a family that lives--just guess--like a middle-class family would in 1900. He watched it all this weekend. I'm proud to say that I managed to avoid every single episode through various methods (mostly by being asleep). Anyway, we hauled our load to the car and then got something to eat in the river market. We ran into Eden and her husband. They'd wisely decided to eat something and then go to the book sale. Smart. Wish I'd thought of that. I would have had more strength and could have stuck out the sale for a little longer. Okay, maybe it's better that I didn't. That afternoon, we rested and I spread all the books out on the floor, making little piles, and list of everything we'd bought. I talked to Levi. Then we went and got Spencer to take him to a show at the Sound Stage in Conway. On the drive down, we reflected on how awesome it was to no longer commute from Conway to Little Rock and back again all the time. Beautiful.

Now. I enjoy hanging out with my brother in-law for the same reasons I enjoy hanging out with my brother. We have very little in common except for some relatives and a mild interest in Rob Zombie. Both guys will listen politely while I talk about things they have a general idea about, but don't care about; and then I do the same for them. We all three also enjoy making fun of people. So there's that bonding experience. How's the metal scene in Conway? I know you're dying to find out, so let me tell you. It's about what you'd imagine it would be. Yes, it was that bad. The first band was um, loud and foul and frankly, I've already forgotten about them entirely. They were terrible and made me kind of sleepy. In between them and the second band, Cody and I went outside and looked at antiques and bridal gowns through store windows. Oh, and I forgot to mention this, but Cody forgot to bring earplugs. Mine were already in the car. There were little teenage dirtbags everywhere. The majority of them were swearing for no apparent reason and smoking. The second act was some older, fatter guys. The lead singer looked like a slightly less morbidly obese Dimebag Darrell without a goatee. I couldn't hear very much of what he said or sang, but he seemed incredibly offensive and slightly misogynist. Cody and Spencer confirmed this the next time we went outside for some fresh air and instead breathed in lots and lots of secondhand smoke. So, finally the band we came to see played. Oh, wait, no they didn't. They were apparently the very last band to play. This time, we went on a Sonic run and listened to a little bit of the Razorback game. On the way down to Conway, we'd listened to bluegrass, some kind of teen pop that Cody likes, and Rosie Thomas. With the exception of a couple of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster songs, metal was conspicuously absent from the playlist. Actually, that's how it always is riding in a car with Cody. But anyway, with full tummies and lifted spirits (the Hogs were ahead by 15 or so points at the time), we went back to the Sound Stage to find out that the third band was still playing and they were......wait for metal. In case you don't know what that means (and you probably do), it's where people rap, but also scream, and there's lots of loud and fast guitars and drums, but you're still hung up on the fact that they're rapping. It was terrible. Worse yet, Cody and Spencer enjoyed them.

THEN finally, the fourth band came on. A few words about these kiddos. They're actually kiddos. I forgot their name, but supposedly they're already signed, even though they're too young to drive themselves down to the show so their moms brought them. That's right, folks: I wasn't the only person in the crowd not wearing slut jeans. It was a nice change of events from the last show we took him to, where I think I was the only girl in the crowd (I use that term loosely) not sleeping with one of the musicians (another term I use loosely). Odd. Anyway, the band was made up of 5 or 6 hyperactive little teenagers who were just cute as buttons, but a little foul-mouthed and kind of jerks. I did, however, really enjoy the one kid with shaggy hair who smiled too much and ran in place for no apparent reason while he played guitar because he reminded me of Brandon Ragsdale. Such a happy guy. Anyway, they played 4 or 5 songs and the children who'd stayed out on the sidewalk all night came in and thrashed around a lot. One kid accidentally kicked a mom in the leg and apologized profusely. Another girl tried to skank dance, but really she just looked like Ellen Degeneres. And the normal drummer wasn't there, so they had a guy learn their songs in 3 days and the lead singer was mean to him when he'd mess up. Not cool. But anyway, they played very enthusiastically and it was fun. I really did enjoy them. And because of the time change, we were still able to get up in time for church. Nonetheless, we were both still tired enough to sleep through most of the afternoon and that gave us problems with going to sleep last night. I decided to read in bed, while Cody went in the living room and read and ate and watched TV. Big mistake. When I woke up alone, I realized what happened. According to Cody, if I go to sleep by myself, I roll toward the middle of the bed. As a result, when he tries to get in bed, there's no room for him. Is it really so difficult for him to roll me out of the way? Yes, apparently it is. Wimp. So Cody slept on the couch. When I got up this morning, I woke him up and sent him to bed.

Fun news from this morning: I am moved into my office. I have an office space! Granted, if they hire another attorney, I'll be back in my corner. But for now, I have a door and a window and privacy and space and all kinds of awesomeness. Actually the majority of the awesomeness was in what I just listed, but still. I'm pretty excited. I'm going to bring some more pictures for my walls tomorrow, and I'm going to try to remember to bring my camera so I can take pictures.

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