Monday, November 26, 2007

Many things

Last week was pretty much Family Fest. It was fun and now I'm really looking forward to Christmas.
Sunday: Levi flies home. We're there at the airport. You probably already knew this. Then we had dinner with the Bennetts because Casey and Katie were visiting.
Monday: dinner with Bennetts again! Good times, good times. We saw pictures of Katie's new niece, looked at Casey's new car, tried out new food....crazy fun.
Tuesday: Kayla comes over and we watch TV. We're not actually related. Close enough.
Wednesday: I didn't actually see anyone in my family except Cody. Surely he counts. I did however, get to call home to let my family know that Cody got a call earlier that afternoon to let him know that he'd passed his drug test and would begin work as a file clerk for Wilson & Associates law firm on Monday. That's right, folks: Cody = employed guy.
Thursday: we had Thanksgiving with the Kierres. It was interesting. Five minutes after we showed up at Cody's grandma's house, her macaroni and cheese mysteriously burst into flames. Actually, it really wasn't that mysterious--she had the oven set to 'broil' instead of 'bake.' Mrs. Dicy helped her put the flames out. I helped out by standing far out of the way, quietly freaking out. Fortunately, no one was hurt, there was no smoke damage to walls or ceilings, and once they scraped the top part off, it tasted fine. The rest of the lunch was a little more uneventful. Lots of food, some guests, some talk. It was fun. It was....different. Usually, I'm in the car 3ish hours Thursday morning, and then we stay at my great-grandmother's for 3 or 4 hours just to stretch out our legs. Then it's 3 or 4 more hours in the car to go back home. This Thanksgiving, it took us around 20 minutes to get there. A little eerie. Then we went back home. We were sleepy, but bored. So we rented a movie. The Fountain. It was weird. Not really in a good way. It's okay, I was busy setting up the Christmas tree and decorating it. I don't think I jumped the gun here. I had eaten my Thanksgiving dinner. Now it was time. So there. It's pretty well covered, which is good. I got our tree for $20 at Walgreen's last year. You can tell it's a $20 tree. Putting on lots of colored lights always helps, though. It looks pretty great (I think). Cody doesn't care. Silly man.
Friday: go to Romance. We showed up in time to wave bye to Laine and Robert as they went to Searcy to have lunch with Sara. Two minutes after that, Levi and Dad went to run some errands. So we visited with Mom and brought down the boxes of ornaments. I was insufferably bossy, or so Cody's expressions kept telling me. He kept carrying on about how it would be just as easy for me to ask him politely to do something for me as it would for me to bark out commands. He's wrong. So wrong. That kind of restraint just wears me out. Eventually, the others came home and we watched the best Razorback game of the season. Holy smokes, it was amazing. Robert was a little nonplussed, but he's from Tennessee. Forget you, Robert. So yes, the Hogs won and we were all incredibly excited, except for Mom, who gets incredibly stressed about overtimes. So it took her a little while to get as excited as the rest of us. Sara was late getting home because she stayed at work to see the end of the game after they'd closed. But when she made it, along with Marc, we all decorated the tree. It was crowded. But now it looks really nice. There was a minor incident with some "lost" lights, but I took care of everything. That is such a lie. Anyway, Cody and I stayed so late that we wound up sleeping over. I think I went to bed at 2:30.
Saturday: obviously, we were still in Romance. I drank the last of the milk. This created a minor crisis for the espresso maker, but Cody went out and got some. Earlier that day, Cody, Robert, Levi, and I had all crowded into his Saturn to go to Rose Bud for gas station pizza. None of us had taken showers. We fit right in with the rest of the citizens. I also got a chicken leg. I love gas station chicken. We watched a lot of TV and gossiped and made some tentative plans for Christmas and looked at pictures. I don't think I put a single one of my dishes in the dishwasher. I sat on my rear the entire weekend, which is strange. Normally, I'll do some light cleaning of other people's homes whether they want me to or not. Especially when I'm back home. I mean, I ran the dustmop over some the downstairs, but that was it. Very, very odd. (Earlier in the week, I was talking about how Cody likes to cook something that makes a lot of grease spatters after I clean the stove, and I said, "You know what happens after I clean something?" and his mom gave me a look and said, "You clean some more?" I've cleaned parts of her house without her consent, like, twice and now she seems to think I'm a crazy person. Whatever.) Dallas came over later that afternoon and put some of 'his' ornaments on the tree. Then we went to Beebe to see some puppies. Mom's getting a puppy. We don't know which one, so we played with the whole litter. They were cute, but I'm still firm in my resolve to never have one. Although Cody did look cute holding one.......whatever, I feel the same way when I see him hold a baby. Anyway, they were cute. Sadly, we never got around to our big, sibling fight about the future puppy's name. Mom: I suggest Magnus. It starts with 'm,' sounds kind of regal, and it just seems like a good 'big dog name.' After the puppies, we ate some dinner and went home to Little Rock. I showered immediately.
Sunday: church. Kroger. Lunch (frozen pizza! I really dislike Thanksgiving food.). Newspaper. I watched Almost Famous (how could we have ever made a big deal about Cameron Crowe or Kate Hudson? Seriously.), talked to Jessi on the phone, realized that I'd left some of my stuff at the house, cleaned the kitchen, refused to eat what Cody made for dinner (I tried, I really did. But I hate eggplant. We were basically having eggplant soup with onions [I hate onions] and orange peppers [I am growing to hate orange peppers]. I ate some leftover pizza), and finished a book.

Now, here I am. Work's not that hectic, but it's not painfully slow around here, either. Aside from the part where I keep spilling things on myself, everything seems to be going well. Cody's at his first day of work right now. My left leg and foot are asleep. I have a slight headache. I think I need to get my eyes checked soon. I'm ready for lunch. That is all.

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