Monday, November 19, 2007

Incoming Weekend

Here was our weekend. Saturday: buy food, do laundry, clean house, rent movies.

Sunday: much more eventful. We skipped church because Cody didn't feel well. So we watched one of the movies we rented, Monsoon Wedding. It was awesome. I could start throwing out words like "lush" and "complex" and all those other meaningless adjectives that don't describe anything, but let me just say that it was beautiful and fun. Cody thought it was joyous. I enjoy his use of adjectives. You should rent it (unless you have a problem with obscenities, because that could really mar the experience for you). And if you do rent it, you should make sure to select English subtitles. Some of it's in English, but that doesn't mean you're going to understand everything. After lunch and (finally!) finishing up the ironing, we drove out to the Little Rock airport to wait for the arrival of Levi with Mom, Dad, and Sara. He was about 10 minutes late. We amused ourselves during this delay by complaining about the wait, looking at pictures on Sara's camera and visiting about the weather and puppies and Razorback football drama. Then Levi came home and we were incredibly excited that he'll be here for the next week. We walked out to Sara's new car (which I'd never seen before--it's pretty great), and visited for a little bit. There was some picture-taking. Not a lot, but there's more time for that later. Then we headed over to Cody's mom's house because Casey and Katie were in from Missouri. Yes, it was a day of traveling and family and, apparently, heavy lifting. After dinner, we watched Cody and Casey haul a trunk through 5 doorways and up a flight of stairs. If you weren't Cody or Casey, it was amusing. They did a fairly admirable job. Discussion topics for that evening included: eating together some more, War Memorial Stadium, Razorback football drama, Missouri football, Katie's new niece, cars, ways to make fun of Casey, Spencer's driving abilities, eye doctors, the lack of attractive people on 60 Minutes, and some other things that have slipped my mind. For some reason, I forgot to take any pictures. What in the world. Some other time, then.

We went home around 7 to begin the next important phase of Cody's candied orange peels project. This included stopping at Kroger to buy 8 pounds of honey. We used it all. Don't worry, I remembered to take pictures of this. After slicing up some peels that have been sitting in water in our kitchen for the last week (Cody's been changing the water every day--you would not believe how much they can stink), he boiled them in honey, and laid them out to dry. I went to bed around 11, while Cody was still laying up strips to dry. He says he went to bed around midnight. I remember waking up at some point in the night, and realizing that 1) he was in bed and 2) he smelled like boiled honey, which was not as nice of a fragrance as I would've thought. Now, I am more than half-way through a very short work-week.

Also: I remembered one very momentous thing about Saturday. While in Kroger, I got a call from Alana telling me that she'd gotten engaged the night before! This is exciting! Alana's having a wedding! Oh, and Travis, too. She's going to make Princess Grace look like an amateurish bumpkin, bless her heart. She's going to be the most beautiful bride, and we're all incredibly pumped.

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