Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big Plans

I am taking tomorrow off. The main reason is so that I can participate in a girls' day with Alana and Jessi for Alana's birthday. It's going to be a fabulous start to a great birthday weekend. Since I didn't know when the day would officially start, I just took off all of Friday, and now it turns out that I'm going to have some spare time in the morning. So guess what I'm going to do. Okay, you'll never guess. I'll tell you. I'm going to the Social Security Administration Office and changing my name. I know. It's so exciting, right?!

Well, I'm a little excited. I attempted to do this last year, but never got my new card. I also realized I was going to have some problems with the new identity when I started bristling every time someone would call Cody and me 'the Bennetts' like I was supposed to get excited and it turned out I wasn't. I'm not a Bennett! I'm just married to a bunch of them! When did I lose identity?! When was I supposed to stop being myself?! And on and on it would go. Having to go by a different name really bothered me. Then, since I didn't have a new SS card, I had to file taxes and sign all of my employment and insurance information with my maiden name and I loved it. I would just stick with my middle name for the rest of my life if I didn't hate it and if I could get away with using just that. Unfortunately, I do strongly dislike my maiden name. Also, people tend to think you're not happy with your marriage or something if you insist on remaining (I don't know how else to put this) yourself. These people are wrong (at least in my case) and stupid, but they are out there, sharing their opinions with me, etc. etc. etc.
So. Here is the plan: I'm getting rid of my old middle name. I've never used it, even though my dad would always tell me use it when signing official documents. Since about half the American females my age are also named Jennifer, I've given up trying to make my name stand out. Do you know what happens when you google my full (maiden) name? You get expired Amber alerts from 2002. I don't want that poor, dead girl's name, even if it was mine first. Also, my parents gave me that name so I could have the same initials as my dad, which was a neat concept right up to the point where I got married and took a new name and now we don't have the same initials anymore. People rarely use my middle name unless they're yelling at me, anyway. And whether or not they're my family, do you know what name they're using? My old one. The last time I remember hearing my middle name was when Cody proposed. That was a while back. The maiden name will be the new middle name. I get to keep my name (which is the name I associate with myself anyway), plus Cody's name added to the end. I think it'll be nice. Then I'll have one, official name that I can use for work, insurance, doctor's offices, signatures.

Other plans for the weekend include seeing Alana's ring for the first time, doing a little Christmas and birthday shopping, eating with friends, having a sleepover with friends, and playing games with friends. These are all awesome things and I'm really looking forward to them. But first order of business is my name. I've actually been wanting to do this for a while, and this is the first free day I could get. I should have my new card in time to renew my driver's license, and I plan to have my name stuff straightened out by the end of this year. This makes me much happier than I thought it would.

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