Monday, October 22, 2007


My weekend, like most weekends, started on Friday. At around 10:30, Cody called to tell me that he'd had a meeting with his superiors at work, where he was told that he wasn't improving as much as they would've hoped and the police officers were not confident in his skills as a dispatcher. I may be biased, but this really only confirms any negative opinions I may have already had about the brave and selfless men and women who keep us safe and pull over moms in their minivans for no apparent reason other than to ask them pointless and invasive questions. Ahem, anyway. So he was given the option of resigning or being terminated and he chose to resign. (It makes it seem like he's more in charge of his life, and, really, no one wants to be terminated. I remember when my dad was 'downsized' and Levi accidentally said that Dad was exterminated. Good times. For the record, Levi was 10 or 11 when he made the slip.) So yeah.

That kind of set the tone for the weekend. I almost cried at work, but then didn't. At least, not until I was on the phone with Dad later that day and he was describing how much fun Dallas had going down a really big slide at the county fair. It's really the weird things that get me. Anyway, I made it through my workday and went home. We moped on the couch a little, but given that this job had been kind of sucking the joy right out Cody, this really wasn't the worst thing that could happen to us. So we stuck to our plan of doing almost nothing for the weekend, and watched TV for about 5 hours that night.

The next day, I did some laundry and got ready to go to Conway. Because the beloved yarn store is closing, naturally Kayla and I felt the need to nearly buy out the place. Which is almost what we did. Not content to be loaded down with just yarn and needles (30% off!), we went to That Bookstore, which shares a building with the yarn store. I love independent bookstores. So. Very. Much. Kayla and I eventually left with yarn and books. On the way home, we discussed things like our frustrations (especially mine) with the way that breast cancer has almost become more of a marketing ploy than a disease, the fact that David Caruso is such a horrible--yet enjoyable--actor, which characters on Numb3rs could have breakdowns for November sweeps (our money's on Megan), and what we would eat for lunch.

We ate lunch at Quizno's. We walked because I missed the turn, it's close to our house, and Kayla's legs had been through the Susan G. Komen Foundation's Race for the Cure and were starting to get sore(r) after sitting in the car. So we ate, and walked back home. Then I realized that I left my purse in the store. So I went back to get it. Kayla went to work. After I got my purse (which was safe), I walked past a clothing store that had a car out front with an Ozarks plate on the front. We'd considered peeking inside the store when we went by the first time but didn't. Why? I now know it was because God was watching over us. Because as I walked by the store and pulled my phone out of my purse to let Kayla know that I'd gotten it and all was well, out walked Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dan Taddie!!!! I instantly turned my head away, tried to shield part of my face with my phone, and attempted to run away discreetly. I'm pretty sure I failed on that last part. Trust me, yes, it was a big deal and, no, I was not overreacting. Dr. Taddie is not your friend, and he certainly isn't mine. While Kayla and I had been having these crazy adventures, Cody had been spending a few hours with his Meemaw Bennett. On his way home, he rented Mean Girls and Blade Runner. We watched them both. It was an odd combination. Oh, and he also made lentil soup for dinner. It was good.

On Sunday, we bought groceries, and then took Mrs. Dicy's truck to Lowes and bought a ladder for her. Why she didn't want to haul around an 8' ladder through a store and then strap it down into a truck bed is beyond me. I mean, she's almost 5'4". So we brought the ladder to the house, ate some snacks, and 'enjoyed' the sounds of Spencer's band practice. Their timing seems to be getting better. They're still too loud, though. That may be something they enjoy. Hmm.

Cody found several jobs in yesterday's classifieds that he's going to look into today, so that's promising. As always, if you hear of anything that sounds like him, let him know. We're remaining hopeful, if only out of habit. But I actually can't get too concerned. He's a smart, hard worker who almost has a college degree. He is also not Dr. Taddie. Really, how much more awesome could he be?

This is one of my favorite pictures of Cody. He's modeling Christian-themed slap bracelets. Please note his awesomeness.

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