Friday, October 12, 2007

Reasons Why This Week Has Not Been Great

1. Dallas had to have his tonsils removed. Yes, I know this will help him not get strep throat 10 times a semester (no, literally!), but I still don't like the idea of our guy healing up from surgery.

2. Sara had a mild incident trying to get around a road grater which left her with 2 flat tires and a ruined rim.

3. My parents decided it was time to put our weenie dog, Slinky, down. It was really time. I was never very fond of Slinky. Nonetheless, I almost cried at work. For the most part, I was able to wait until I got home. And even then, it wasn't a lot of crying.

4. Last night, at the White-Courington house, there was no Rosco. I was looking forward to seeing him after my day. And then I got yelled at for basically encouraging my friends to do things that would make them happy. I may be playing the martyr on this last point. I'm sad. Leave me alone. Why should you give me a break?, you may wonder. Read #5.

5. I got this email a few minutes ago:

A Bella Letter

Dear Bella knitter,

Four years ago, with the blessings of my family and friends Bella Lana Knitting was born. Doors opened, stars aligned, and we never doubted the “rightness” of Bella Lana. Our shop, our space, and our people have always been unique. From the doll house on Prince Street, to our own piece of yarn shop heaven in Mountebanq Place, Bella Lana is different.

With all its blessings, Bella Lana has also come with a price. Over the past few months I have been increasingly torn between being available to meet the needs of my family, taking care of my personal health , and running a yarn shop. I am unable to juggle all of these demands. Therefore, I have come to the decision that I need to close Bella Lana Knitting at the end of October.

This has not been an easy decision. For starters, I have an amazing landlord, and our location keeps bringing in new knitters. What knitting shop wouldn’t want to be in the same building with a bookstore that is run by a devoted knitter? However, the fact of the matter is that while knitting is one of my passions, my family comes first.

To this end, I need to sell our inventory and move everything out as quickly as possible. Beginning Saturday October 13th at 11:00 all of our yarn, patterns, and books will be 50% off, (except for our new yarn= 30% off) and our needles will be 30% off. All of our fixtures, shop models and accessories will also be on sale. I want our knitters to have whatever part of Bella Lana they want. We will not advertise a going out of business sale; Bella Lana deserves a little more respect than that. Besides, only a portion of Bella Lana is closing.

Bella Lana has never felt “retail”. Eight years ago, when my momma taught me to knit, who would have believed that two sticks and a piece of string could serve as the launching point for miracles? I have celebrated the births of “Bella Babies” and the joys of watching Bella knitters re-grow hair. Over the past four years my life has been knitted together with so many “Bella” knitters that it’s hard for me to remember a time without this very special family.

While the “shop” part of Bella is closing, I am not going to quit designing, writing, teaching, or working with knitters. I plan to organize a knitting group through my church and one or two other groups through different organizations in our community. I would love to have any and all of our knitters involved in these groups. But if you want to be a part of any of these groups you need to reply to this email or send me a note telling me that you want me to contact you regarding our plans. Once I close the shop I will not use its mailing list or email list. Your privacy and my promise to keep your information safe are as important to me now as it ever was.









WEDNESDAY OCT 17/24 11:00-5:00

THURSDAY OCT 18/25 12:00-7:00

FRIDAY OCT 19/26 11:00-5:00

SATURDAY OCT 20/27 11:00-4:00



Thank your for your love and support,

Margie Pulley

Bella Lana Knitting

I did not listen everyone when they complained of the funny weather or the rising gas prices. I did not take Jermain Taylor's loss as a sign that God had turned His face from us. But now I've got to wonder what is going on and how much more I can take. I am losing yarn! If you know of somewhere else in central Arkansas where I can buy the kind of yarn they don't sell at Hobby Lobby, let me know. Because Bella Lana was the only place I knew of. I am not optimistic about the Razorback game tomorrow and I jump every time the phone rings because I'm just expecting more bad news.


bella said...

Dear Bossy,
Thank you so very much for including me in your top 5 bad things. I have just about decided that Jesus is comming back very soon. It just can't keep getting worse.....Love the scarf

Jen said...