Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Wednesday

I never blogged about my weekend. Most of the people who care already know about it, so here's a quick recap:

Friday: we went to the Catholic High/North Little Rock game. It was Catholic's homecoming game, so there were a lot of people there. We saw Spencer play the shaker. I took a picture, but one of the guys playing cymbals was kind of blocking the shot. We'll see how it turns out. Oh, and Catholic won by......I don't remember how much. But it was a pretty good game and we had fun.

Saturday: we went to the Arkansas State Fair. Cody learned how to properly hold a chicken. I got to help people pick which 3 chickens they would show. I've said it before and I say it again: all this emphasis on uniformity is ridiculous. If you've got a great big bird, you should show it. The end. It's like this year's judge said, "Uniformly sorry isn't gonna win." We went through the midway, 2 cattle barns, the sheep barn, the FFA petting zoo, the arts and crafts building, and the Hall of Industry. We ate a great deal of junk as well. It was pretty fun, but it was better when we were showing. I'm not saying this as a lament, I honestly think the fair was cooler because my family was participating and we made it awesome. When your siblings are showing in 15 different classes with a minimum of three different species of animals, you can't help but have a lot to look forward to. Plus, I think we had a better sense of showmanship when it came to showing chickens. I'm just saying. I wish there were pictures of Cody and I actually interacting with chickens, but there are none. I had my camera with me, but most of the time our hands were too dirty to handle it. One more awesome point about the fair: this was the first time since 1995 (I think) that I have gone to the state fair and left without getting pooped on. I know, I'm excited for me too.

We left sometime in the late afternoon (and beat the crazy night-time traffic!), took showers, bought hamburger and hotdog buns, and went to Sarah's house. We'd been looking forward to her Auburn game/deck party for many reasons. 1) She had gotten engaged on Thursday night, and we wanted to congratulate and her see her ring. 2) We love events where we eat with friends. 3) The last time we had a game party at her house, the Hogs won. Sadly, this did not happen. Nonetheless, we ate a ton of great food and Cody got to play with the brand new grill on Sarah's brand new deck. And we played games. A fabulous time was had by: Sarah, her fiancee Robert (at least, we think he enjoys us), her friend Matt, Jen, Cody, Jessi, Brad, Jeff, Alana, Travis, and Sarah's dog Chloe. Because Alana is so awesome, she brought cupcakes.

Sunday: we slept late. We went to the Wild Oats market and discovered that a lot of the stuff there wasn't as expensive as we'd kind of feared. (Okay, $5 for one organic pomegranate is more than I'm willing to pay, but that was something we could do without.) Then we went to the mall with some of the friends after eating at Corky's. Then I started to feel ill. Then we had to go home rather suddenly so that I could spend some quality time on the couch and Cody could finish the grocery store shopping alone.

Monday: I don't really remember much of Monday. I went to work. Cody made borscht with beef and it was really good.

Tuesday: we both go to work and eat leftover borscht with beef for lunch. We go to the grocery store and buy all the things that Cody forgot to get on Sunday. I take a shower while Cody preserves lemons. Somehow he learned how to do this from a chicken cookbook.

Wednesday: we both go to work and eat borscht for lunch. It's still good! But I think most of it's gone by now. Now I'm going back to work.

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