Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Catch-up (i.e. "some")

Here are a couple of posts that I wrote while I couldn't get to this account.

That Book List Business (September 18, 2007)

I realized yesterday that I was exactly 3 months away from my 25th birthday. Nice. Why does this matter? Because. As some of you may remember I published a series of lists of the books I thought my hypothetical, future children should read at various ages. After I did this, my own literary shortcomings were really super-obvious. Argh. So I created two goals for myself. One was to read all of these books I was requiring the HFC to read before they ever got the chance to come into existence because well, I know kids like to feel superior to their parents, but I'd prefer our HFC not try to do it in the field of reading. Maybe they'll like math or science. By the time they hit the 10th grade, they would be so much smarter than we would ever hope to be. Maybe we could get them to pay the bills. I mean, I have a strong dislike for snobs, but if you're going to be one I think you'd better be able to back it up. I'm digressing too much.

Anyway, the second goal was for me to read some books by the time I turned 25. I also made one for Cody. It's a little longer because (1) he's got a little more time and (2) he's lacking in [what I believe] in some really important areas (seriously, how could someone as smart and well-read as he is miss out on the Chronicles of Narnia?!?). For some reason, Cody didn't jump on his list with the same sense of enthusiasm and ragged determination that I did. And that's how the list made me feel: a little ragged, rushed, panicked, and insufficient as an English major, as a bibliophile, as an almost intelligent human being. So I reviewed the list last week and was a little confused about some of the titles and why they were there. I don't even remember them now. Clearly, they must not have been that important.

And then I had a revelation. I wasn't going to become illiterate on my birthday. (I didn't say it would be a particularly good or worthwhile revelation!) I wasn't going to suddenly take on a whole lot more adult responsibilities that people keep talking about (seriously, what are these grownup worries they keep talking about? Am I supposed to be taking a few hours out of every week to look at the bills and actively worry about them before I pay them? I think I'm missing something here.), I wasn't going to have my life totally disrupted by the arrival of a kid or (God forbid) a pet. There wasn't anything that was going to happen that would prevent me from reading what I wanted in addition to the much-lauded books on my "Books to be Read" list, which is 50+ titles long now. I'm keeping my list, but I might be taking the '25' part off of it.

Here are my reading goals for the rest of the year.

The Divine Comedy. I have the Wordsworth translation. It's storybook-sized. With pictures. Really, why have I not gotten on this sooner? It's going to be crazy great.

The Dune series. I'm really in no rush for this one. But I enjoyed one of the books. Why not read 10 or so more of them?

Grapes of Wrath. Maybe. We have a copy somewhere.

Mommie Dearest. We have a copy of that, too. Ha!

King Arthur and His Knights. Basically it's just Le Morte de Arthur with a few more stories thrown in. I'm through most of it and plan to finish it some time this week. I told Cody I had 2 chapters left and he laughed and said something along the lines of 'It's about time. That's the longest I've seen you try [try? No, I've gotten this literacy thing down pat for a while now.] to read something. What've you been working that for now, 2 months?' I did not punch him in the face. But only because he was driving.

Some Other Titles That Can't Be Too Very Important Because I've Already Forgotten Them.

I read because I like to. There are some things I read because I feel like I'm supposed to like them, or at least just know about them. But mostly because I like to read. I saw a comment that Monica wrote on someone else's wall (I hope it's okay that I'm writing about you) where she said she felt depressed because she was reading the guy's booklist and loving it and after she had the thought that she should write down some of the books so she could check them out for herself, she immediately had the thought that she should have already heard about them and read them. That's just silly. I wasn't even aware of the existence of Douglas Adams before I met her, much less know about how awesome his books were. She read for pleasure during college, as did my other 2 English major friends. I never found the time for it after my sophomore year, and that's been one of my favorite things about graduating. Yay reading. Yay books.

And this one:

Lazy Weekend Stuff (September 24, 2007)

On Friday, I got to come home to Cody, who I hadn't had the chance to see since Tuesday night at the Wilco show. (Digression: they were amazing. I only knew 2 of their songs. But I enjoyed them all. And the opening band, Dr. Dog. There were a lot of bearded men. You should go see Wilco some time. Beware, though: they can whip middle-aged men into dancing, air guitar-playing frenzies, which can be a little uncomfortable to witness.) So we had dinner and rented Aeon Flux, which is craptastic and so much fun. We talked and I did some laundry and we discussed hiking Pinnacle the next day. Did I mention that by dinner, I mean lamb? Yes: ground lamb patties. Yes, it would have been great if they'd been grilled, but Cody doesn't want a grill for some strange reason. I want him to have a grill so we won't have that smell of grilled me cooked into the furniture and walls.

Saturday: Cody was ill. Since we ate the same thing, I'm accusing him of improperly handling the raw lamb meat. So while he felt terrible for most of the morning, my iron stomach and I read and did some more laundry and some other household things that I don't remember. We went to the Farmer's Market, but didn't buy anything. I'm only going to be able to hold out for so long until I break down and buy a pumpkin. I know we're still in September, but I do love pumpkins. And dried corn. And decorative gourds. We went to the library and got books. Never mind that I got some on Thursday. Then we were lazy. I'm assuming we just laid around because I don't remember late Saturday afternoon. For dinner, I made frozen pizza and Cody rented Shooter. Mark Walhberg shot things and people and blew things up. It was pretty good.

Sunday: we actually made it to church--and an early service, no less! I like going to church a little bit. It helps me keep my days straight. Afterwards we went to Kroger, and then to his mom's house for lunch. It was great. Baked spaghetti, green bean casserole, and bread. And apple pie with ice cream. And then we watched some TV and visited and Spencer and I ate Halloween candy. And then I borrowed some of Mrs. Dicy's books. So I have about 8 or so books waiting for me. This makes me happy. I almost fell asleep. And then I did fall asleep in the car on the way home. (It's okay, Cody drove.) And then I took a nap. Beautiful sleep. When I woke up, Cody was watching 60 Minutes. Or Family Guy. Something I don't like. Anyway, I read the paper (or at least, the parts I like) while Cody made some kabobs and reheated some rice for supper. We almost tried to watch the news. But then Cody turned it to some reruns of something, and I fell asleep on the couch. This has been one of the laziest weekends I've had in a while. It was nice.

Okay, now you're all caught up!

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