Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I thought I would write about my weekend, but there's not a lot to say. Cody went to work on Friday night and I went to sleep. I woke up when he came back home. And he went to sleep. I puttered around the house (I have no idea what I did. It may have involved reading or laundry. Or maybe the kitchen.). I woke him up at the appointed time to see if he wanted to go to the Farmer's Market. He didn't. Wish I'd know that at 8 or so. The weather was gorgeous. It felt like September. So I went around 11. I got behind a mild fender bender and used my anti-lock brakes for the 3rd time ever. I was so close to the truck in front of me that I pulled over to see if I'd hit it. I hadn't. I stuck around to talk to the police, which took forever, but gave me a chance to stop shaking. Eventually went to the market. It was almost noon, so a lot of the vendors were gone. But it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. I bought spinach, grapes, and a melon. No one had any of the little ones, so I went to the vendor closest to my car (I'm using 'closest' as a relative term) and bought the smallest one I saw. I cut it up last night. It's still too much for the two of us.

Cody woke up in the afternoon. We went grocery shopping. We walked to Target and bought the things we forgot to get at Kroger. We ate supper. Cody went to work at 7. I watched bits and pieces of the Friday Night Lights marathon. I went to sleep. Cody came home at 7:30. This woke me up, but I managed to fall back asleep for a while. Then I woke up and decided to get started on my weekend project of putting down contact paper in the kitchen cabinets. My plans were delayed when I realized I couldn't find the contact paper. I talked to Levi and Mom on the phone. I still haven't found the contact paper anywhere. I am not going to buy any more because I know as soon as I buy it, it won't look as good as what I already have (somewhere), will cost more, and will cause the pre-existing contact paper to appear as soon as I have contact-papered every surface in the kitchen.

Around 2ish, we went to Benton with Jeff and Jessi to eat with Jarret at Cracker Barrel. After finishing our meal and browsing (okay, we all bought candy, and I got 2 votive Yankee Candles that were 40% off), we realized there was nothing to do in Benton. Back to Little Rock! We rented some movies. Cody slept and went to work. We watched a movie and ate at IHOP when we realized that we'd gone 8 hours without eating. After IHOP, we went our separate ways. At around 1, I was acutely aware of being really alone. So I watched The Machinist which made me sad, because I hate to see people that thin. Especially when by 'people,' I mean Christian Bale. He needs to look like Batman. All the time. In every movie role. I went to sleep around 4. Cody came home at 7:30. I woke up for good around 10ish. Did some laundry. Talked to both of my sisters. Ate. Woke Cody up around 3:30 because I was bored. We watched a couple of movies together. He fell back asleep on the couch. I made fruit salad. We ate. He went to work. I went to sleep. I woke up 40 minutes late this morning but made it to work on time. My extra day of nothing was fun, I guess. Not quite as productive as I planned, but fun. Tonight I'm going to Kayla's to help pack. I think. The moving plans may have changed 5 times since I talked to her on Sunday. I'm actually going to call before I go over just to be sure.

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