Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Update

In a fun contrast to my last posting, this is just going to be a happy recap of things that have been going on for the past few days.

Cody had a job interview on Friday and was offered a job with the Maumelle Police Department as a dispatcher. The hours are going to be crazy and horrible. He'll probably never have a normal sleep schedule again. He starts tonight at 11 p.m. We're thrilled! He's going to learn a lot, and we'll still get to eat dinner together most nights. And he'll be making money, which is always great.

We didn't go to the Catholic High pep rally that night, but if we'd gone we could have watched Spencer (who is in band this year) play.............................the cowbell. Oh yes. He'll eventually get to play drums.

On Saturday I went to the Farmer's Market and bought one of those cute baby melons I've been seeing everywhere. I bought a dress. I didn't need it. I like it. I wore it Saturday night and all of Sunday. I met up with Alana and we wandered through the vendors together. She bought zinnias (good call!). That stupid flute player wasn't there, which was great. I can't stand that guy. He makes alleged Native American flutes and then plays one. It's loud, I think he's making up songs as he goes along, and I'm pretty sure he's not a native.

The bitter melons I bought last week are still sitting in the fridge, sensing my fear.

We went to Cajun's Saturday night to see someguynamedrobb play. He was more great than usual. After we all went our separate ways, Cody and I decided to just make a fun and crazy date night out of things, so we got some Chinese take-out (those people do such wonderful things with chicken) and rented Zodiac. We'd been told it was long, but I didn't realize it lasted 6 months or so. We fell asleep before it was over. We were probably drunk on MSG.

On Sunday we slept through church. I let Cody sleep as long as he could until I got too bored and had to wake him for lunch. He made some rice and we ate the rest of the previous night's chicken. We went to the grocery store. We read the paper. I talked to Levi for 3 hours. Cody took a nap.

We ate dinner and watched part of the Teen Choice Awards show. Or The Miley Cyrus/Zac Ephron Show. Whichever. I can't do a lot of judging when it comes to teen idol worship (I was pretty devoted to Hanson, which reminds me, their new album came out last month and I need to get it), but I'm disturbed by the young Mr. Ephron's resemblance to David Cassidy. It's just too much.

Cody found a recipe for the best chicken marindae for dinner last night. Best. Ever. In. The. World. We might be having it again tonight. He managed to stay up till 4 this morning so he could sleep today. Awesome.

Target had Tide on sale for $5.99. I had a 50¢ coupon. And because we don't get charged for water, and I put everything on cold wash/cold rinse, I'll be doing 32 loads of laundry for $5.49 (minus tax). That comes out to about 18¢ a load! I love saving money. Drying is a different matter, but at least I have 3 clotheslines up.

I checked out Dune: House of Atreides at the library. It's the prequel to Dune. I liked the miniseries on Sci-Fi, so why not try the series?

We found an Our Lady of Guadelupe candle for our house. Cody wanted to light last night, but I didn't like how it smelled. He said our house would smell like a church. I said our house wasn't a church and I didn't believe in prayer candles. Plus, I think you're supposed to let it burn continuously and those things can last 7 days! I think it's great that you get your money's worth (we got it for a dollar or so), but I'm not leaving a burning candle unattended. But I like Our Lady of Guadelupe. I think she's the prettiest.

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