Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday and Stuff

Various things may or may not be going on this weekend. Cody and I are going to try to find a place to pick blackberries and can jam this weekend. Jeff and I are trying to organize Sunday dinner, which is probably going to be Sunday supper. So if you want to come, get ahold of someone (a trend I'm noticing: whoever hosts the event prepares the meat dish). There is much fun to be had.

Cody's still washing dishes and spending lots of time with his family. I found out Catholic (full name: Catholic High School for Boys) is closing at noon for a while because it's really not a good idea to stay indoors without air conditioning during a heat advisory. Yes, I realize it's been done before. Yes, I realize that you probably did it when you were a kid. Yes, I realize it's part of the tradition, Father Tribou, greatest prep school on the planet, blahblahblah, I find it hard to pay attention because I don't care.

Here's what gets me: The school could afford to install, and pay the bills on, air conditioning. The building is big and old. Someone could very well die. Spencer (Cody's younger brother) seems to do okay, mostly because he's spent half his summer either sweating over a sinkful of dishes at Kierre's or drumming in a garage, even if he doesn't take his shirt off--which you are allowed to do since it's all boys, but fat kids get mocked (Cody said he never had a problem doing it even though he'll be the first to tell you he's fat and hairy. Granted, he had also earned himself the nickname "Alf" by that point in his life so he apparently didn't have a lot of dignity to lose. For the record, I've never been able to spot the resemblence.). I just remember how he (Spencer) was happy that he wasn't smart enough to take Latin and would have to take French for his foreign language because the French classroom had window units. Other kids probably can't handle the heat so well. And I'm pretty sure the parents don't get refunds for all the classroom time their kids are missing, to say nothing of the workhours they miss every semester to pick up their sons early. So the school which is supported, in part, by the Catholic Church (which I've heard has money) doesn't have air conditioning. Mount Saint Mary's Catholic School for Girls (Catholic's sister school) has air conditioning. Mount's tuition is almost twice that of Catholic's because it's not supported by the Church, it's supported by some sisterhood of nuns (nuns don't have a lot of money). In case you're wondering how I know this, my supervisor's daughter goes to Mount Saint Mary's and she told me. Why? Because there's not a lot going on around here. I also know whenever anyone adopts a cat or has trouble with their flowerbeds.

On a completely unrelated note: I have read that you can cut your electric bill by 30% by unplugging all of your appliances when they're not in use. One easy way to do this is to plug everything into a splitter, and then flip off the splitter and unplug it whenever you go to bed, or leave for the day.I want to try this, but I really hate re-programming the TV.

So there are my thoughts and digressions for the time being. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

Currently reading: Orlando, by Virginia Woolf, who is an awesome genius.

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