Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bitter Melon

I mentioned that I bought some bitter melon Saturday in my last post. In case you've been curious about what to do with bitter melon (I've been curious about it anyway), I googled it.

I learned from wikipedia that inner red part and seeds can be eaten raw, and that they taste pretty sweet. I know it's used in Asian dishes I'll never eat. I know the longer it lives, the more bitter it becomes. I know you can make tea out of it, but I haven't been able to find out how. I read on prevention.com that you shouldn't consume it if you're pregnant, which makes it seem even cooler to me. (Somehow, I don't feel this way about soft cheeses and Tylenol. I really hope Velveeta doesn't count as a soft cheese. I may have to adopt if that's the case.)

Here's a portion of the wikipedia entry:

"The flesh is crunchy and watery in texture, similar to cucumber, chayote or green bell pepper. The skin is tender and edible. The fruit is most often eaten green. Although it can also be eaten when it has started to ripen and turn yellowish, it becomes more bitter as it ripens. The fully ripe fruit turns orange and mushy, is too bitter to eat, and splits into segments which curl back dramatically to expose seeds covered in bright red pulp." That seems oddly beautiful to me.

So that's how bitter melon works. I think I'll try it tonight to see how it works.

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